20 Top AI Tools - Free

Updated on: October 26, 2023


20 Top AI Tools - Free


People are increasingly relying on AI tools to do their work or at least make it easier. People do not think twice before subscribing to paid AI tools, as they are reliable. However, those who cannot afford to pay for them wish to find an alternative. Fortunately, several free and efficient AI tools are available for completing different tasks. AIs can help people create images and videos, generate content, write codes, or converse with them on various topics. Some AIs are available with the sole aim of helping people have fun!

Best Free AI Tools Worth Using

People may be bewildered when searching for free-to-use AI tools, as they will be bombarded with several suggestions and AI tools, each claiming to be the best. Most will be a waste of their time, but some AIs are on par with paid AI tools. Some rare gems are even better than the paid tools available. The following are the top 20 free AI tools worth using:

Microsoft Bing Image Creator

Bing Image Creator is an awesome free-to-use AI tool. While most AI tools place a limit on how many images can be created per day, Bing does no such thing. People can generate unlimited images; however, the speed at which they are generated slows down after generating a limited number of images. Dall-E 2 powers Bing Image Creator, meaning Bing can easily generate realistic images within seconds of receiving a prompt.

Bing is also impressive at creating images related to fantasy. Try generating an image of a phoenix or something associated with magic (the results are fabulous). Moreover, people can customize the image generated using Microsoft Designer. Bing does create subpar images at times, but usually, at least one of the four images generated for each prompt is good enough to use. Sometimes, all four images are so awesome that users cannot decide which one to download (people can download all four if they want).

Google Bard

Google Bard is another free AI that helps make people’s lives easier. Users can ask it to break down complex concepts into simple ones, brainstorm ideas, translate languages, create content, etc. People can also snap a photo of something they want to know about using Google Lens to ask Bard about it.

Google Bard can code, but it is not as efficient as other AI tools available for providing coding assistance. However, Bard keeps learning and is one of the most powerful AIs available. It supports more than 40 languages, meaning people will have no trouble interacting with it, no matter their country or language.


Codeium is an AI coding assistant that people can use to write, test, edit, and debug their code. Of course, coding assistants such as Tabnine, Ghostwriter, GitHub Copilot, and so on are excellent AI tools. However, Codeium stands out because of its ability to understand the user’s desired outcome better. Some users feel the suggestions this AI provides are much more relevant than Copilot. This AI tool supports more than 70 languages and over 40 editors. Codeium is completely free for individuals, and its Autocomplete feature ensures faster coding.

Another benefit to using Codeium is that people can join or create teams to work on projects together. Collaborations make learning to code and refining one’s skillset much more fun. Who does not like having someone to help when stuck staring at the screen unable to see what is wrong with the code? The only drawback to using this tool is that some people feel it focuses more on beginner-level topics. However, one cannot deny that Codeium is a versatile tool with a user-friendly interface that speeds up efficient coding.


Lumen5 is one of the best free video-generating AI tools. Its appeal is understandable as users do not need technical knowledge or expertise to create videos using it. The extensive library with numerous stock photos, music tracks, and footage makes creating videos easy and less time consuming. People can generate videos within minutes without having to spend anything. Hiring professional video makers is expensive, and amateurs may not create videos that match people’s vision. However, Lumen5 will never let them down.

It can transform written content (blogs, whitepapers, etc.) into videos within minutes. People can use links to their work or copy and paste it if it is not present online to generate videos. Alternatively, people can start writing directly in Lumen5. People can watch the various videos explaining how to use this AI tool if they are confused as to how to use it. Who would not love using Lumen5? It is a lifesaver for many people. However, the downside is that it offers only limited videos per month if people use the free plan.


This AI writing tool is good at producing quality content, and people will have no trouble using it for copywriting or writing blogs. Copy.ai has a plethora of templates and copy tools to choose from, and its security is good enough for enterprises to use it. People can describe their product, choose the style and tone, and lay back while the AI comes up with incredible promotional content for it. It is that easy to use this tool. However, it is not without drawbacks. Sometimes, the quality of the content generated drops as it switches from ChatGPT – 4 to GPT 3.


Rytr is a gift to content writers, copywriters, and SEO specialists. People can generate content in over 30 languages. They can experiment with their tone and style when writing blogs, social media ads, articles, briefs, emails, etc. It also aids in improving or rephrasing any sentence users find unsatisfactory. Its built-in plagiarism checker and ability to generate three variations of content instantly make it a popular writing assistant.

This AI tool is a fairly good one to use, though it is not as powerful as other writing tools available. People can upgrade to a personal or business plan if satisfied with Rytr or continue with the free plan. The trouble with this tool is poor keyword research features and word-count limitations. Moreover, it is not a good tool for writing long-form articles.

Notion AI

People may have lost count of how many times they fell asleep trying to summarize lengthy reports, essays, articles, meeting notes, etc. Fortunately, Notion AI is impressive at summarizing written content. Moreover, it can write just about anything (based on prompts) from blogs, emails, and essays to creative stories, job descriptions, and meeting agendas.

People can use it as their editor, too. It helps fix spelling and grammar and aids them in changing their content’s tone (friendly, casual, professional, confident, etc.) within seconds. Having trouble writing in simple language? Do not worry, Notion AI can help. Users can also use it to translate their content to or from more than ten languages. However, while Notion AI (free plan) is a fantastic option for individuals, it is not ideal for those working in teams (they will find it much more comfortable to use if they upgrade to the paid plans).

Deep Beat

How cool will it be to have a rap lyrics writer to help write lyrics whenever needed? People may find a human to fulfill this wish, but Deep Beat is at their disposal for generating lyrics. It can write lyrics from scratch or provide suggestions based on the prompts or keywords provided. Therefore, this AI tool is a handy tool for musicians and lyricists.

Deep Nostalgia

People who have been wondering what their ancestors and older family members looked like when moving, will have a blast with this AI tool. They simply need to upload old photos and watch as the AI makes the people in it blink, smile, and move their heads. Some people find it nostalgia-inducing, as they get to see their loved ones, who are no longer with them, smile again. Moreover, any Harry Potter fan will be excited to use this tool, as it generates the closest thing to the moving photographs in the Harry Potter series.

Adobe Firefly

AI image generators are abundant. So, why is it worth using Adobe Firefly? Because of its prompt-to-image accuracy! Not every AI image generator out there can create what the users expect. People finally get the desired output through trial and error. However, Firefly hits the mark almost always on the first try. Firefly is increasingly accurate due to its ability to adapt and learn from user feedback.

Moreover, it presents an opportunity for users to collaborate with other artists. Multiple users can work on an image simultaneously due to Firefly’s integration with Photoshop. People can create photos, web designs, and videos and share them with or get instant feedback from their team or friends.

Firefly enhances creativity, as it provides the users with several options to choose from within seconds. Users can have fun experimenting with the different styles and colors available. Who knows, they may surprise themselves by finding a design they would never have thought of otherwise. However, this tool is unsuitable for designers who need complete control over what is produced/generated.

Microsoft Designer

Unlike most AI tools for designing, Microsoft Designer focuses on designs in addition to generating stunning images. This AI tool suggests layouts, proposes hashtags and captions, and offers various editing features. Designing has never been easier (and it does not empty people’s pockets – a major plus!). People can enter a prompt or upload the images they have to start generating or creating impressive images and designs. Users only need to sign up to start working with this incredible tool.


Socratic is designed to lend a hand to students struggling to complete their homework. No matter what subject they need help with, Socratic answers their queries within seconds. This AI tool can explain complex concepts in simple terms. Moreover, users can manually type questions or simply snap a pic of their homework questions to get the answer. In a hurry? Do not have the time to snap a pic? Use the voice command feature to ask questions.

Students can double-check their answers with the ones Socratic generates (it is highly accurate). Using Socratic does not mean students cheat. For example, it does not merely provide the answers to math problems, it teaches the students how to derive the answer and why to adopt a procedure or formula. Socratic is a mentor that has the users’ backs when parents, teachers, or boring books are unavailable to help them.

Murf AI

Many AI tools are available for creating visually stunning images, videos, and content. So what about voice generation? After all, not everyone can afford to hire a voice actor to make audiobooks or podcasts. Murf AI can generate high-quality pitch perfect voices. People do not have to worry about the tone, pitch, or the rise and fall of the voice generated. The AI-generated voice sounds natural and has the emotional touch required to captivate the audience.

People can experiment with various accents in addition to generating voices in different languages. Those still unsure about Murf’s reliability and efficiency will sing a different tune once they understand the extent to which they can fine-tune voiceover using it. Users can select specific words and open the pronunciation pop-up window to customize using the different sample pronunciations provided.

As if that is not enough, Murf has an extensive media library with everything users need. People wanting to add photos, videos, or music tracks to the voiceover generated are bound to find something they like if they skim through Murf’s library. Users can always upload their existing video or audio files if they are not impressed with the library.

People can download the voiceover generated as a single file or split it into sub-blocks. Moreover, they can choose the format (MP3, FLAC, WAV, etc.), quality (low, medium, or high), and channel (mono or stereo). Canva users can use Murf AI as an add-on. This feature ensures that regular Canva users do not have to switch between Canva and Murf. Users can also use Murf AI as an add-on in Google Slides. People can create custom voices (the voice cloning feature makes this possible) if they do not find the ones Murfi generates and adjust the tone, style, pitch, etc.


Just looking for an AI to chat with? Inflection’s Pi is a good option. This chatbot loves to talk and understands contexts and the nuances of speech. Pi (Personal Intelligence) empathizes with the user and tries its best to answer questions. Conversing with Pi is a much better experience than chatting with ChatGPT.

Pi may not code, access the internet, or solve complex math problems. But it can strike up meaningful conversations and gives the feeling it actually listens to what people say. Some users fondly describe it as a virtual therapist (though it is not a replacement for a real therapist) due to its conversation style.

The best thing about Pi? It speaks to the users, and its voice sounds almost human. People can converse with the AI and come up with plans, learn something new, and vent about the problems they are facing. Who does not like a great listener? Inflection claims the AI to be a friend that users can trust. Pi admits that it can still make mistakes, and the more people talk to it, the more it learns. So far, Pi has proven to be a great chatbot to interact with.


Even the brightest person has trouble pairing different fonts sometimes. It is a wonder people can decide which font to use when so many options are available to choose. People may have a minor seizure trying to figure out the best combination if the infinite ways to pair the fonts is added to the mix. Fontjoy is an AI that helps people pair different fonts. People only need to set how much the fonts should contrast each other. Fontjoy offers numerous suggestions but also allows users to choose font pairs manually. In short, this AI tool aids in creating aesthetically pleasing content.


Kickresume is an AI resume builder, and does a stellar job at creating visually impressive resumes. It helps users create a resume highlighting their skills and why to hire them. People no longer have to worry about what they should put in their resumes and whether it is presentable enough. This AI tool only needs users to fill in the details, and it takes care of the rest. It even provides a resume score based on certain criteria and offers suggestions to improve the score.

People can upgrade to monthly or yearly paid plans if they are satisfied with the free plan. However, some people feel Rezi is better at creating good resume content. Rezi is a free-to-use tool, too. However, it does not produce stunning templates as Kickresume does. Therefore, people can choose between the two AI resume builders based on whether they need more focus on content or visuals.


Simplified is another excellent AI writing tool that does an incredible job of generating quality content instantly. All people have to do is type in what the required content is about. They can set the tone and change the output language if they wish to personalize the content for their readers.

This AI can rewrite the content without changing the core meaning besides writing stunning articles. It has 70+ templates to choose from, making it easy for people to find one that best suits their purpose. The drawback of this AI tool is that the free plan offers only 3000 words/month.


People balk at the thought of speaking to strangers casually about their lives. However, Replika provides them with an AI best friend to spend their time with. People can build their relationship with this AI and even peek at its journal to know how it feels. The conversations are private, and each Replika (the AI personality created based on user preference) is unique and tailor-made to suit the users. People can upgrade to the paid version to unlock more features if they think their AI ‘friend’ is good enough.

Character AI

People have always found AIs with personalities fascinating (a major reason why Tony Stark’s Jarvis is so famous). Unfortunately, most AI tools commercially available lack personalities. But there are a few AIs that generate tailor-made best friends, mentors, or soulmates. So, what makes Character AI unique? This AI tool provides an opportunity for people to interact with multiple personalities. The AI adopts the mood of the fictional characters or a real-life person people choose. Of course, the AI is merely for fun (chatting with an AI with Tony Stark’s personality sounds fun, right?) and does not say anything valuable.


Fotor is an all-in-one AI image generator; people can create, edit, enhance, remove background, or add effects to the images. Users will end up with jaw-dropping images as long as they are clear about what they want. They can use the text or image prompts to generate images and have fun tinkering with them.

Fotor only takes a few seconds to generate images, but the resulting images may not be what people expect if they do not provide clear and precise prompts. Anyone can be a professional designer with Fotor assisting them (at least, that is what the creators claim).


Ultimately, AIs are here to assist people and reduce their work burden, not replace them. The sooner people accept that AIs will form an integral part of their lives, the better. That does not mean they have to pay to enjoy the perks of using AI tools. The above-mentioned free AI tools (and many more) are good ones to start with.

People can always upgrade to paid plans or choose to use pay-to-use AI tools if they find that AIs do help increase productivity. Remember, it is better late than never. Learning to use AI tools for work or fun will prove helpful in the future, as AIs show no signs of growing less popular


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