10 Tips to Humanize AI-Generated Content for Better Marketing

Updated on: October 29, 2023


10 Tips to Humanize AI-Generated Content for Better Marketing

Creating a Genuine Connection with Your Audience

The operations of businesses have also been transformed with artificial intelligence (AI), in marketing. The use of AI in generating company content allows for the creation of meaningful content, which appeases the target market. However, there's a catch. The audience perceives AI-driven materials as too cold and devoid of human emotion, making it harder for entrepreneurs to address their audience’s needs.

Humanization plays a major role here. Adding humanity into AI writing can better allow companies to appeal to individuals in creating meaningful communication with followers. This piece will discuss ten ways of making AI-based content more appealing and marketable by making it seem humanized. These tips will help you craft content whose tone is genuine, and relevant and inspires engagement among your target audience.

Tip 1: Add Personality to Your Content

Do not worry since AI-generated content may appear as unfeeling and mechanical. You can make it look more human and give a personality to your writing. Injecting humor, emotion, and relatability into your content will make it more captivating and interesting to your readers.

This can be achieved, for instance, by utilizing conversational language. Speak in a way a friend can understand. Just assume that you’re sitting with the audience who is having some coffee, and discussing your subject pointwise. Using humor, emotion, or other techniques to bond with readers will help them experience the writing as a shared dialogue.

You can also bring some personality into your work by telling stories from your life or sharing any personal anecdote. You will be able to get into your reader’s heads. Your words will speak directly to them. Incorporating your personal stories will make your story sound more authentic and relatable.

Therefore, do not shy away from reflecting your personality through your writings. Injecting some flavor into your content in the form of humor, emotion, or even personalized touches will go a long way in differentiating you from other competitors. Therefore, go ahead and include more personal flair in your written piece, and wait to see your engagements skyrocket.

Tip 2: Tell Stories

People love stories. We all know that storytelling is one of the most effective ways of getting emotional attachment with your consumers. Using storytelling in your AI-generated content ensures that it becomes more realistic and interactive.

Storytelling is also a very effective method you should utilize in your content creation. As an example, you can tell a story of how your product solved a problem for one of your clients. This way, they will feel what you were trying to communicate through your content, thus creating an emotional bond and making your content unforgettably appealing.

This helps to make your content more interesting and enables you to generate confidence from your audiences. Sharing practical scenarios on how your product or service has benefited people and organizations will make your value proposition powerful.

Do not forget that the essence of good storytelling lies in its relevance and conciseness. Do not go into much detail about the story, but consider the emotional impact and how it relates to your audience. This way, you’ll be able to produce compelling content that will not only appeal to your readers but also yield actual results for your business.

Tip 3: Use Visuals

Adding visuals will increase the interest and humanity of your content. Consider using images, videos, or info-graphics to break apart large blocks of text and make your content more visually appealing. This will assist you in communicating better, thus making your message memorable. Therefore, you can utilize visuals to forge an emotional appeal to your audience.

Tip 4: Personalize Your Content

Humanized AI-generated content must be personalized. Tailor your content using data and analytics for your target groups’ preferences and needs. It will enable you to craft content that touches deeply into your customers’ emotions and lets them know that they are well taken care of by you. Personalizing your content will result in a more powerful bond between you and your listener, making your message more persuasive.

Tip 5: Use Emojis

Emoji is a powerful tool for conveying character and emotion in the text.c However, they should be used sparingly yet precisely for their tone and implication. By doing so, it becomes possible to interact with your audience closer and improve the content’s attractiveness. Through emojis, you enable an intimate connection with your audience and produce engaging content.

Tip 6: Use Human-Like Language

When it comes to producing artificial intelligence content, it may come off as robot-like or nonhuman, which could make the majority of the readers have a negative perception of such kind of content. Your mission as a writer is to make sure that the entire paper looks natural and originates from someone. The way of making it in such a manner involves speaking plainly and concretely.

Do not use jargon, industry speak, and corporate speak that makes your content sound like a textbook. Therefore, incorporate terms that your target listeners will readily understand. Consider how you would tell a friend or family member what you are writing about. Apply that tone to your writing.

In this regard, using a language that is similar to what humans speak often leads to a more personal or emotional relationship with the reader. This way, your readers will not read technical words but hear what sounds like normal speech in a conversational manner. Using this approach, it will be possible to make the provided content much more effective; and, thus, to create a base of loyal followers who will like your accessible style of writing.

Tip 7: Be Transparent

Trust can only be built by being transparent with your audience. Make sure that you mention any use of artificial intelligence in the writing of an article. This will prevent your audience from thinking that you are disingenuous or manipulative. Educate your audience about how you are using AI tools to develop personal and relative content for them. Having transparency will help you earn the trust of your audience and also create stronger emotional connections.

Tip 8: Use Social Proof

Social proof is one potent marketing technique that allows you to add humanity to your content and make it closer in meaning to your audience. The advent of digital marketing has made it imperative to use customer reviews, testimonials, and social media blogs instead of claims by companies.

Social proof can be explained as evidence of other genuine people who use and enjoy your products or services. This will assist you in creating a credible and reliable image within the audience. Social proof can assist you in building trust among people who would be more likely to buy from a company that they know can be trusted.

Social proof, in turn, may help you establish a strong relationship with the viewers. When a customer notices other customers having a good time buying your products, it is a sign to the customer that everything you are selling is good! By creating an emotional bond with your content, you will enable your clients to become your fans.

Therefore, start employing social proof in your marketing endeavors today! It is an easy yet useful strategy for ensuring your content appeals to your audience and makes it seem that you are credible and trustworthy.

Tip 9: Show Empathy

Despite its significance, empathy remains an essential part of any relationship between two people in modern times, where individuals find themselves traversing through difficult times and doubts at all times. As an AI-generated content writer, you can demonstrate empathy about what your customers feel they do not have or what they aspire for. This will enable you to write content that hits home with your target market and enables them to relate better to it.

When you develop empathy for your audience, you don’t create content, but you establish relationships with people. When you take time to engage a prospective client, it shows that you genuinely want to see them improve on their challenges and are willing to help them with this. Establishing a level of trust and authority among your readers may go a long way toward setting you apart on the internet these days.

Therefore, the next time you set out to create content, always imagine how it feels to be your audience.r How does it feel for them? What are their pains, problems, and dreams?? What challenges are they facing? What do they want in the future? You can establish an emotional connection by being empathetic and providing content relating to these problems.

Tip 10: Inject Humor

Humor is one of the most effective ways to humanize your content and bring out your brand’s character response. Humor, as one of those most efficient means of humanization, makes up for your content and reveals your brand character. Be careful with your humor, but use it tactfully to improve the flow of communication and keep people engaged. This will enable you to come up with interesting material that your readers would love to read and share among their networks. Inject humor to elicit emotions from your audience and thus strengthen the impact of your message.

In conclusion, AI-generated content is likely to be a game changer for marketers. Nevertheless, for it to be effective, it has to be made human. These ten tips will enable you to develop good and better relating, engaging, and interacting artificial intelligence-created content for your audiences or targeted readers. Of course, I am not suggesting that when you are humanizing your content, you should be trying to make your audience believe that they are dealing with another human being. rather, it is about crafting content that is tailored, sympathetic, and familiar. In addition, this action can help to build up an emotional tie with readers for greater power of the content.


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