How to Make Your Content Stand Out When Everyone Is Using AI

Updated on: February 21, 2024


How to Make Your Content Stand Out When Everyone Is Using AI

We live in a digital age, and technological advancements have taken the helm of how business is done. Technology has given us AI, which is fast taking the place of human-generated content. Marketing techniques have changed drastically with the help of AI. Similar is the case of functions performed by chatbots and analysis of data. We still have to uncover the full potential of AI, but with whatever little we know, it seems AI is ready to revolutionize the way business is done around the world. On the flip side, AI is making content creators very insecure about their jobs. But then that is where the challenge lies for humans: By creating better content than what AI can dish out, we ultimately end up exploiting the full potential of human content writers. In other words, human content creators can no longer afford to be complacent. To take the lead in this race of human content writers vs AI, humans have to follow certain strategies, which is what this article is about. Following are certain steps and approaches that humans need to stick to to survive the battle against AI –

Introducing Creativity

The content that human writers generate tends to be more creative. AI suffers a great deal as far as creativity is concerned, while the same is an intrinsic feature of human writers. Humans can come up with short stories, which doesn't happen in the case of AI. The former can write from personal experiences, which AI can't. Further, the human-generated content tends to be more authentic.

Tailor-Make the Content According to the Audience

Human beings can empathize with their audience, which AI can't. Understanding the pain points, interests, intent, and needs of the readers is a must when creating content; AI fails in this respect. Encouraging feedback and carrying out surveys are all different ways of engaging with the readers, and only human content writers can do this.

Include Visuals

Here again, AI can give suggestions as to what images and graphics to include in the content but suffers from a lack of creativity, which can be catered to only by humans. Humans can ensure that the visuals included in the content are catchy. They can browse the internet and include infographics and videos that promise to be relevant and stay in the memories of the readers for a long time.

Narrating Stories

This is one factor that comes naturally to human beings, though some are undoubtedly better than others. But as a content writer, one should develop this skill. Many are capable of creating such good articles where they manage to relate to the reader on an emotional level. It goes without saying that once this happens, the writer has engaged the reader for a lifetime. With AI, this kind of thing is simply not possible.

Give Preference to Quality Over Quantity

AI is about speed and generates content within seconds, but this results in very average and even below-average content. Humans can carry out in-depth research before they sit down to write the content. They can, therefore, pride themselves on creating content that is high quality. If they can make a habit of this, then rest assured their content will become memorable and trustworthy.

Make It SEO-Friendly

When it's about optimizing for SEO, a good knowledge of the intent of the readers is of paramount importance. AI can come up with keywords, but it neglects the factor of understanding user intent. Though they will not be as fast as AI, humans can carry out in-depth research for keywords; that is, their research takes into account the needs of the audience. They can thus beat AI as far as creating SEO-friendly content is concerned.

Boosting User Engagement

The reader's engagement is essential, and human content creators are aware of this feature, while AI tends to neglect the same. There are several ways of encouraging the same. These include asking for comments and feedback. Another way is to organize polls. All this promotes interaction with the audience, which goes a long way in building trust and getting to know the audience's interests.

Trying out New Technologies

Other technologies are coming to the forefront, other than AI. These include AR and VR. There's no harm in giving these a shot. The readers will appreciate you for giving them exposure to the latest technologies. Moreover, it'll give you an edge over similar businesses that are still dependent on AI.

Developing Partnerships 

To widen your reach and increase the numbers of your audience, teaming up with people who are experts in the content and marketing fields can help in a big way. Partnering with influencers is also a good idea. This will add variety to your content and make it visible in the digital world, which is getting saturated with every passing day.

Keeping Abreast of New Developments

This is a tough one because technological developments are hard to keep up with. But this is a must if one needs to survive in the digital world. Make sure that you don't take things lightly, are well aware of new trends that are emerging, and follow the best practices while writing content. There is a pressing need for any content writer to adapt to the fast-changing digital landscape.


Finally, it can be said without an iota of doubt that the emergence of AI has made things difficult for human content writers across the world, but by following the aforementioned, humans can survive and, in fact, do better than just survive. They need to bear in mind that not now, not ever will AI be able to beat the 'human touch' that only human content creators can deliver when they put pen to paper. Factors such as empathy, creativity, and genuineness are things only humans can bring to the table. AI can never truly understand the user's intent when generating content. You need a human to know what another human feels, and that alone should be enough to get rid of any insecurities about losing one's job to AI.


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