Why AI Generated Content Still Need the Human Touch?

Updated on: October 30, 2023


Why AI Generated Content Still Need the Human Touch?

Science and technology have evolved a lot in many decades. There is a lot of advancement in the existing trends and technologies, and some new technologies have been introduced that have made human life easier. One such technology is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Because of AI technology, it is possible for machines to think like humans and produce the required data by simply reading some algorithms.

Any AI system works by breaking a large amount of labeled training data, analyzing the data for correlations and patterns, and utilizing these patterns to make predictions about future states. Basically, AI technology focuses on these four cognitive skills, i.e., learning, reasoning, self-correction, and creativity.

Importance and Uses of AI

AI has become a very popular tool in many sectors because of its potential to complete work quickly and with few errors. A large number of AI sources and tools are available to perform almost every task in every field or sector, whether it is education, business, marketing, designing, content writing, medicine, pharmacy, or banking.

For example, AI is used in business to automate the tasks done by humans, like customer service work, lead generation, fraud detection, and quality control. It performs the work very fast and produces almost accurate data. Moreover, when one is required to perform repetitive and detail-oriented tasks such as analyzing of a large number of documents to make sure the data is filled properly in the respective field, AI is always considered a trustworthy source for such tasks.

In the medical sector, AI has proved to be good at diagnosing certain cancers. The use of AI technologies has not only predicted the correct results of these problems but has also predicted the harm it has caused to the particular patient.

With the help of AI tools and technologies, it is possible to analyze big sets of data that are available in banks, insurance companies, and security in comparatively less time taken by humans.

The automation tools that are being used in the various industries could be expanded in volume and type of task they can perform with the help of AI. Some small multitasking robots collaborate with humans to perform manufacturing and other related task quickly and efficiently.

In the entertainment sector, AI technology can be used for marketing, targeting audiences, promotions, detecting frauds, and making scripts and movies. Newsrooms use AI technologies to automate routine tasks such as data entry, proofreading, research about various topics, and assist in generating news headlines. In some news channels, AI-generated journalists read news headlines for the audience.

For education purposes, Al tools and techniques can be used to grade students and generate assignments and other teaching material required for teaching the students. It will give teachers some extra time for other work.

AI tools and technologies can also be used for the safe and secure transportation of goods and products within less time. It helps to measure traffic volumes, find the fastest route, and forecast weather, thus making it easier to transport goods in less time.

Need for Human Assistance in AI Technologies

Although AI technologies have made it possible for human work to be done in less time and more efficiently, it is not possible for humans to fully rely on AI-produced data and work. This is because it has the following short comes that need to be corrected by humans -

AI-generated data is not always error-free

Though the AI technologies used are very advanced and efficient, there is a chance that some errors are possible in the work done by AI. To ensure that there is no error in the machine producing data, it is required to check the data. Accuracy is very important for any work, so AI-generated data needs human assistance.

AI cannot create long-form content

Most of the AI-produced data is generally short and lacks certain information. Therefore, one cannot rely on long forms of content in AI-generated data. The data needs to be expanded by humans if they want long and good content with lots of information and useful data.

Lack of uniqueness and creativity in AI-generated works

The content produced is not unique and lacks creativity. The data produced for the same task is almost the same for everyone; there is no uniqueness like human work. To make the AI-produced work error-free and to bring uniqueness, it is required that the content needs some human touch. For example, if one searches in ChatGPT about a particular topic, it will generate the same content for everyone, so the data lacks creativity and is similar for everyone.

To check the facts

Although the AI-generated data is very efficient, in many cases, they do not understand the commands given by the user. Hence, the data produced is not always on point and can be deviated from the original topics. Therefore, it is not good to totally rely on machine-based data and it is required to check the facts and figures produced by the used AI technology or tool.

To make it personal and unique

The data produced by AI is machine-based and works on the instruction based on a given set of algorithms. It is required to add some keywords, words, and phrases in the given data to give it a personal touch. There is a need to proofread the data to make sure that it goes with the style and tone of the other data.

Add a viewpoint to the generated data

As stated earlier, the data produced using AI tools and technologies is based on some sets of algorithms. Hence, it will lack a human point of view, there is a need for a human way of thinking so that the data is compatible. Therefore, AI-generated data will need human assistance.

To remove the repetition in the data

AI data generators can often repeat certain facts and figures, a keyword or phrase, or a short sentence again and again in the data. Since the data is machine-based, it may sound robotic in tone. Therefore, it requires that the produced data is checked by the human.

Lack of ethics and bias concerns in the generated data

The AI-generated data is solely machine-based, and there is no consideration of human feelings and ethics in the AI-produced data. Therefore, it is a possibility that the data produced by AI tools and technologies may contain some discriminatory, prejudiced words or phrases that may harm a particular human or community sentiments. Therefore, it is not a good option to go for AI-generated data, as it may hurt the sentiments of many social groups or communities.

Incapability to work on their own

The AI machines that are used in health, business, banking, and manufacturing industries cannot work on their own without the help of humans. For example, the machine used for check-ups in hospitals will detect the problem present in the human body, but it will lack the cure of the disease or predict other problems other than the predicted problem. Therefore, some human guidance will be needed.

Similarly, the automated robotic machines used in industries will require some human commands to run and stop. Also, the amount of work that is to be done needs to be controlled by the human. The robotic machine will simply follow human instructions.

Conclusion: Why AI-generated data still need human touch

Therefore, from the above article, we can conclude that AI is an emerging technology that has made human work easier and more efficient. The tools and technology used for AI produce data and facts, but one cannot be completely relied on for their work.

The data produced by AI technologies lacks in many aspects, such as uniqueness, creativity, concern with ethics and social bias, and repetition of the same words or key phrases; sometimes, the data produced is insufficient. Also, the data produced is not always up to the mark and lacks the required point of view or information. To ensure the high accuracy of data with correct form, there is a need for human touch or assistance in the produced data.

Moreover, the work that is performed using machines still requires human instructions and commands to work efficiently. There is a need to check the overall functioning of the machine to ensure the commands are executed properly; one requires a little human force. Thus, there is a need for human assistance in these areas or fields.

In short, to overcome all the shortcomings of machine-based tools and technologies, it requires a human touch or assistance to produce efficient and optimal work from the existing artificial intelligence or machine-produced work.


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